Dubai Mainland License Business Setup

  • We Can Consult you to choose from 4 options Setup a Business in Dubai Mainland

  • Commercial License

    In Dubai, the commercial license is the most common. It covers both commercial and professional activities. Most entrepreneurs use this license for general trading. With a commercial license, you'll be able to import and export almost any product into Dubai. You'll also be able to practice multiple direct trading activities within one license.

  • Professional License

    It is for artisans, craftsmen, and other service providers who rely on their talent and intellectual abilities for their profession. Professional licenses are issued to individuals or companies whose profession relies on their talent and intellectual abilities. You can also apply for other business licenses in addition to a professional license.

  • Industrial License

    Industrial Licenses in Dubai are issued to businesses that transform natural resources into final products.

  • Tourism License

    Dubai is a popular tourist attraction because of its Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Palm Island, and other attractions. You'll need to apply for a tourism license if you want to participate. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) will issue it.

  • Sole Establishment

    A sole proprietorship is a company operated by one individual. This individual will be fully responsible for the company's profits and losses, and will have complete control over the company's operations. In the event of any debt or obligations arising from the company, the individual is fully responsible.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    In Dubai, limited liability companies (LLCs) are the most common kind of legal structure. An LLC can be used for industrial, commercial, professional, and even tourism businesses. There must be between 2-50 shareholders in this type of business. UAE nationals or local sponsors should own 51% of the shares.

  • Civil Company

    Companies under the civil category offer 100% foreign ownership and full access to the UAE's local market. These companies are typically set up by investors who provide services such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and consultants.

  • One Person Company

    One Person Company is where one individual or corporation owns all the capital. The name of the company has to be connected to the name of the owner. Only GCC nationals may create one of these companies.

  • Branch of a Foreign Company

    The branch of a foreign company must provide the same services as its parent company, including professional activities as well as commercial and industrial activities.

  • Representative Office

    A representative office isn't a separate business organization; it's merely a foreign branch of the parent company that conducts promotional activities.

  • License Application

  • Attested LLC agreement

  • Governmental forms

  • Name reservation and initial approval

  • Tenancy / Ejari contract

  • NOC for partners

  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Registration

  • Fit Your Business with the Right Jurisdiction in Dubai & UAE.

    And support your Business with an array of after service to Grow your Business in Dubai & UAE.

  • Make Sure Your Business is Protected against Repatriation & Taxing.

    With the right Business formation & Follow up services before and after the setup of your Company.

  • Provide the Cost Effective Solution

    Neither the cheapest solution or the expensive one, it is all about the best fit for your Business to lunch on right ground basis.

  • Business Relationship Kick Starting To Work Together.

    We are looking forward to form a business relationship with you. We do believe, together we are an opportunity for each other and we can forward clients for your business to kick start. Let's work together.

  • Legalisation

    We can handle all your legality related to your business. Our Team will be always in for you.

  • Time Frame Resolution

    Time is money. But also, the right processing steps in each of our services we provide , will reduce the amount of time needed and reduce any unwanted return back to the authorities.

  • Dubai Company Formation

    We can help you setup a company in Dubai & anywher in UAE.

  • Visa Assitance

    All Types of Visa Services

  • Bank Account Assistance

    Solutions for Small to Enterprise companies.

  • Office & Shop Consultations

    Professional Real Estate service in Dubai via our Service Partner, PREMIER HEIGHTS REAL ESTATE.

  • Local Sponsorship

    For sponsoring your company via local sponsors either personal or companies.

  • Product Registration

    We can handle your product registration in Dubai & all over UAE.

  • Trademark Registration

    We can take care of your brand trademark registration.

  • Company Liquidation

    For Company closure handling in Dubai & UAE.

  • Dubai & UAE Business Setup & Visa Service

    Business Setup , Visa Services, Bank Account, Product Registration , Office & Shop Consultations.

  • Branding & Market Consultancy

    Business Branding, Product Branding, Market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy ..etc

  • Performance - Based Digital Marketing

    Lead Generation and all related Full Scale Digital Marketing services.

  • Digital Business Project Management

    Managing your Website, Digital Store or Mobile App is our job.

  • Digital Media Services

    Production of Digital Contents, Photography, Videography, e Learning & Digital Store Design.


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