Why Setup a Company With Us ?

What are the steps we take to help you choose a business setup option?

  • Business Objectives

Identify the main objective of opening the business so we can choose the right license and location.

  • Business Location

Check where your business will operate to plan UAE VAT liabilities.

  • Residence Country

Consider the country where you are residing when planning your personal tax obligations and UAE tax residency.

  • Business Model

Evaluate the model of your business operations in order to plan the opening of a bank account and your business activities.

  • Compliance

Make your business compliant with all UAE laws and regulations to avoid large penalties from the UAE government.

The process of business setup consists of Six steps

Step 1: Documents

  • Passport Copy

  • Utility Bill

  • Email & Phone Number

  • Three possible Company names 

  • Business Activities

Step 2: Registration Application

Make an application for company registration and submit it with supporting documents and payment to the company registration authority. Make sure that your business activity and the registering authority were chosen correctly - this will make the opening of the account easier and faster.

Step 3: Registration

Get a business license. Depending on which registration authority you choose, the process can take one day or a few weeks.

Step 4: UAE Visa

Apply for UAE residence visas if you need UAE residency. It usually takes 1-3 weeks.

Step 5: Bank Account

When you have your license and visas ready, you can open a bank account. Any of the UAE local banks can be used. Each one has different terms and conditions, so it is best to get a consultation before applying. Your application will be more successful if you do this.

Step 6: Office Selection

Virtual Office 

Virtual office in Dubai It is a default solution which is always given together with company setup. It can be used as your official address in various applications, Invoices and marketing materials. The address of your virtual office is provided by the free zone where your business is located.

Flexi desk & cubicle

In a shared office, flexi desks & cubicles can be used for a limited number of hours. They serve the purpose of being a legal address, but license holders rarely use them since they prefer to work from home or a business center. The free zone in which you register your business provides flexi-desks.

Business Center Office

Business centers are a great place to work, as they boast a range of comforts such as Internet, meeting rooms and complimentary beverages. Their modern designs make them particularly appealing. However, you won't usually be able to use your business center address for official documents like licenses. Many people take advantage of these offices when opening bank accounts, but they can also be costly if you choose to use them long-term in Dubai.

Executive Office

For your company and your employees, an executive office is a full-time, permanent office. If you open a free zone company, you can rent an office there. If you register a mainland company, you can pick an office almost anywhere in Dubai. In Dubai, executive offices provide a means of ensuring economic substance compliance, corporate tax residency, obtaining multiple visa quotas, and opening a bank account without any hassle.

VAT Awareness

In 2018, UAE introduced a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT). While not all organizations are liable to pay VAT, businesses with taxable turnover above 365,000 AED must register with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Voluntary registration is possible when the income surpasses 175,000 AED. Once registered, companies must keep books and file returns.

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