Meydan Free Zone

Dubai Meydan Free Zone (MFZ) Business Setup Packages

    • 100% ownership
    • Zero personal income tax
    • Zero corporate tax
    • 100% repatriation of capital & profit
    • No import or export tax
    • Entrepreneurs Business
    • Licence Business support services
    • Zero share capital
    • No Physical presence needed
    • No currency exchange requirements
  • You can have multiple business activities at Meydan Free Zone with a single license. For example, you can operate an e-commerce unit, a marketing agency, or a management consulting firm with a single license. In addition, you can combine up to 3 business activity groups from various sectors in your trade license.

  • You can legally work with mainland companies with a trade license from Meydan Free Zone. Having a DET Permit for your trade license in Dubai allows you to legally conduct business in Meydan Free Zone, other free zones in the UAE, and internationally.

  • If you wish to open an office on the Mainland or need permission to lease office space outside of the Meydan Free Zone, request a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Meydan Free Zone in 1 working day for AED 2,500 per year.

  • Top-class infrastructure facilities for setting up a company – Coworking spaces, In-house Banking Application – MeydanPay, Instant Digital BankAccount opening

  • More than 2,500 business activities for the investors to choose from.

  • Investment

  • Trading / General Trading

  • Insurance

  • Travel Agent

  • Education

  • Legal 

  • Management Consultancy

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • eCommerce

  • Education

  • Financial Services

  • Consulting License

  • Commercial License

  • Media License

  • Freezone Company (FZCO)

    2-7 shareholders

  • Foreign Branch

    UAE Company based or Foreign.

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

    Single shareholder

  • Local Company Branch

    Dubai Mainland based Company

  • Employment Visa

    Visa Deposit is required

  • Dependents’ Resident Visa

    AED 6,000 fee is required for a visa.

  • Resident Visa

    Every 9 sq.m eligible for one visa and Visa Deposit is required

    • 3 days- company formation
    • 1 - 3 weeks- establishment card
    • 5 days- entry permit visa
    • 1 day- medical checkup
    • 5 days- visa stamping
  • Flexi-desk

    2 Visas

  • Executive Offices

    Need NOC from Meydan FZ, office space outside the FZ.

  • Co-working Space

    • Passport copy
    • Photo
    • Company Name
    • CV of the Investor/ Manager/ Director
    • Physical Presence is not required
    • 3-year business plan
    • Application forms duly signed by the authorised signatory
    • Stamped original bank reference letter; or 6-month bank statement
    • Audited {financial report
    • 3-year business plan
    • Copy of company profile
    • Letter from the shareholding company for the appointment of a manager Board resolution calling for the establishment of a Meydan Free Zone company
    • Attachment of specimen signature, passport copy & power of attorney formanager, director & secretary.
  • Fit Your Business with the Right Jurisdiction in Dubai & UAE.

    And support your Business with an array of after service to Grow your Business in Dubai & UAE.

  • Make Sure Your Business is Protected against Repatriation & Taxing.

    With the right Business formation & Follow up services before and after the setup of your Company.

  • Provide the Cost Effective Solution

    Neither the cheapest solution or the expensive one, it is all about the best fit for your Business to lunch on right ground basis.

  • Business Relationship Kick Starting To Work Together.

    We are looking forward to form a business relationship with you. We do believe, together we are an opportunity for each other and we can forward clients for your business to kick start. Let's work together.

  • Legalisation

    We can handle all your legality related to your business. Our Team will be always in for you.

  • Time Frame Resolution

    Time is money. But also, the right processing steps in each of our services we provide , will reduce the amount of time needed and reduce any unwanted return back to the authorities.

  • Dubai Company Formation

    We can help you setup a company in Dubai & anywher in UAE.

  • Visa Assitance

    All Types of Visa Services

  • Bank Account Assistance

    Solutions for Small to Enterprise companies.

  • Office & Shop Consultations

    Professional Real Estate service in Dubai via our Service Partner, PREMIER HEIGHTS REAL ESTATE.

  • Local Sponsorship

    For sponsoring your company via local sponsors either personal or companies.

  • Product Registration

    We can handle your product registration in Dubai & all over UAE.

  • Trademark Registration

    We can take care of your brand trademark registration.

  • Company Liquidation

    For Company closure handling in Dubai & UAE.

  • Dubai & UAE Business Setup & Visa Service

    Business Setup , Visa Services, Bank Account, Product Registration , Office & Shop Consultations.

  • Branding & Market Consultancy

    Business Branding, Product Branding, Market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy ..etc

  • Performance - Based Digital Marketing

    Lead Generation and all related Full Scale Digital Marketing services.

  • Digital Business Project Management

    Managing your Website, Digital Store or Mobile App is our job.

  • Digital Media Services

    Production of Digital Contents, Photography, Videography, e Learning & Digital Store Design.


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